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Which of these cars is the best?
Chrysler 200
Dodge Avenger
Buick Verano
Ford Fusion
Kia Optima
Chevy Malibu
They all crappy. Buick
Depends on wat ur looking for my choice would b a Chrysler 300 because they're fast if u get the hemi and clean if u throw some 22 on it.
Dodge Avenger
Buick Verano
Its either the Chrylser 200, Ford Fusion, or Chevy Malibu.
Hi Trevor,

We love the Optima, but so do others! Consumers Digest named the 2012 Kia Optima a Best Buy, and it was named one of six "Gorgeous Cabins" by Edmunds' Inside Line (November 2011).

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We will not able to chose car on the name only, it is important to take a test drive otherwise we will not able to know that which car is the best. I think Ford Fusion is the best car because all the cars of ford are best.
According to me, Ford Fusion is a nice car. It is equipped with a powerful engine. The tires look excellent on this car, the design is excellent and the drive is relaxed yet fantastic. It is something different and many people like this car.
i would tell you to go with the 300. bigger and better

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