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What type of gas mileage does a 2002 PT Cruiser get?
I'm getting my licence soon and would like to get a car, but I want one with good gas mileage, does the PT Cruiser get good gas mileage? What car would you reccommend?
overall 20mpg not very good
People that buy PT Cruisers have no interest in mileage, they buy them for the power. Even the brand new ones only get 19 miles per gallon.

Add to that the insurance would be high since it's rated as high powered sports model.

Added: Not to scare you, but evey PT Cruiser I've towed was wrecked, and a fatal accident.
My mother has a 2003 model of the car and she got 20 to 30 (highway) per gallon.

This will give any and all informtaion you need.
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I suggest you go for Mercury Mariner Hybrid will be very good for fraternal twin to the ford Escape Hybrid. 155 hp is very powerful rather then 2.3 liter engine. PT cruiser will also be very good option for getting good mileage. You don't have to worry about gas mileage.
I have owned 2 PT`s.Both were from 2001. My current car is an automatic. I get anywhere between 13 ( yes really!!) MPG to 26 MPG. I do not push it at all.
Why the 13MPG? I drive short distances ( 3 miles) to work. As simple as that. Its a heavy car and when the motor is cold, it drinks.
26 MPG was done on a higway trip driving at 60mph.
The other PT that I left in Europe was better. It was a 5 speed and I was able to 17mpg in the city and about 26-27mph on longer trips.
I still love the car so I try to drive as softly as possible and try to leave it in the garage as much as possible.
Its important to know that NO modification will really change the gas milage ( fancy air filters, special oil, computer chips......). My best advice is to keep the tires well inflated!
I have a 2003 2.4l 5spd.mt when I first drove it I would get 25mpg in town now i get
31 mpg in town all i did is put a K&N air filter in.

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