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How much is a salvage title handicap van worth?
I'm shopping around for a wheelchair access van and came across a 2001 Chrysler town & country with 155,000 miles and a salvage title. They are asking $8000 which sounds a little steep. What would be more reasonable? What is a the amount that a dealership would I've them? Thanks!
if you need it, pricelessyour not paying for the vehicle, your paying for handicap accessible
Its hard to judge because there arent a lot of them on the market to comparebut it has 155k, its a salvage title, its OLD, and its a CHRYSLERall BAD THINGSI wouldnt pay more than a grand for it, if it had a clean title, maybe $4k if it was perfectly running. and looking
DO NOT buy a salvage title vehicle. They are unsafe and if you have special needs then driving a car that is unsafe is the last thing you want.Protect the people that you love, DO NOT buy a salvage vehicle.
Your in a special case. Big vans are not being made much any more for non cargo use. Fitted with the wheelchair lift is even rarer. Being a Salvage title should ring alarm bells. Could have flood damage.
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