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What is the Difference Between An Auto Shop Vs. Garage?
Last Wednesday, I went to the meet the owner of a 1997 Dodge Avenger who said the car needs some repair especially the passenger side door because of the door hinge. Well, I contacted an Established auto garage about a possible passenger door hing repair and he replied by saying I would need to go to a body shop because his garage does not repair doors and the such.My question is, what is a body shop vs a garage because I thought they were all the same since they all work on vehicles.
Same thing, usually the owner calls it a garage and the customer calls it an auto shop.
A body shop specializes in the cars body. That would include the door.
Garages are generally for standard maintenance procedures....oil changes, headlights, fuses, belt replacements, coolant changes, brake pad replacements, "maybe" a minor repair like rebuilt alternators, or replacing a radiator.Body shops are typically involved in repairs that can take several hours to days....car accident damage, large dents, radiator replacement, engine replacement, windshield wiper motor replacement, electric window motor replacement, etc..
Many shops specialize in different kind of auto service and repairs because it takes more space and specialized equipment to do certain things. There are auto body shops, upholstery shops, auto electronics specialists, Tire and suspension specialists, etc. A general repair shop (garage) usually only does mechanical repairs and overhauls.
An auto repair shop typically works on engine, drive train, interior and exterior electrical components. Auto body shops work on everything else, like removing dents, paint, windows; you know, body stuff. If all you need is a hinge pin and bushing replacement, most auto repair shops will do this job but some won't because of the special tools that are required to remove specific body parts. But if it's damaged to the point where you need to replace the fender or weld on a new hinge then a body shop will be the place for that.
You mentioned three types of shops-auto shop, body shop and garageAn auto shop and garage are the same- they fix the mechanics -engines, brakes and transmissions. Things that make the car go.A body shop is concerned with how the car looks.,painting and dents and such.
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