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Should I buy a Ford Fiesta or a Jeep Compass?
Ford Fiesta 2013Jeep Compass 2012please details SmileI am not comparing oranges and apples I mean in terms of reliability, performance, comfort, etc.thanks
Jeep CompassThat is what you really want, otherwise you would have asked in the Ford section.You are comparing apples to orangesBuy what you likeTest drive both or rent both and drive each one for a couple days to see what YOU like best
It depends on what you will use the car for. If you going to commute, get the Fiesta. The Jeep Compass is a joke of a Jeep, just like the Patriot is. They were both designed without the ability to be 4 wheel drive. It wasn't until the third year of production that Chrysler decided to put an optional four wheel drive gear box on them. They were designed to be what true Jeep fans call "Mall Rated". Meaning that the owner will never or will never take the Jeep off road. Now, traveling down a drive way full of stone or dirt, does not count as off road. The litte Jeep's are targeted to women who wanted a Jeep, but not a little car. Example of a "Mall Rated" Jeep is one that is clean and has no paint chips along the bottom of the body and no dried dirt or mud on the undercarriage, anywhere. My neighbor went and bought his wife a new 4 door Wranger ( I won't go into how wrong a 4 door Wrangler is or how wrong the Wrangler is itself) and paid for the large off road package with all the off road lights and huge 33 inch tires on it, and never intends to take it off road. Just ask yourself, what I'm I going to use the car for, a status symbol or as a practical commuter car?
I personally would get the Compass in terms of aesthetics.I would get the Ford Fiesta, on the other hand, in terms of more features for the buck.Bottom Line: Aesthetics beats features in my case. So the Compass wins.
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