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2011 Jeep clunking noise when I let off the brake pedal?
I purchase my jeep 2 weeks a go. it is used car 15k mi on it. only 8 months old. jeep patriot. There is a clunking noise when I let off brake pedal. breaks are great condition. I talked with service. they told me warranty will never cover. and they will charge $59 diagnostic fees. bumper to bumper warranty till 36k mi.
Sounds to me like it could be a bad caliper, it is very odd for a caliper to go bad on such a new vehicle. I would have it diagnosed by a local shop (for free). It could be suspension related.Good Luck!
Sorry to hear you are having a concern with your 2011 Jeep Patriot. Disappointing to hear you talked to the you local Jeep Service Department and they told you warranty will never cover the repair yet they have not even diagnosed the vehicle to determine what repair is needed. How do they know it's not covered when they don't even know what the problem is yet?If you do take it to an independent for diagnoses, please check the warranty coverage before having the work done. Lisa Customer CareChrysler Group LLC
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