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How many amp alternator in my jeep liberty?
I was wondering how much my stock alternator is putting out in my 2002 jeep liberty
Here are the possibilities:2002 JEEP LIBERTY 2.4L L4 DOHC117amps124amps136amps2002 JEEP LIBERTY 3.7L V6 SOHC160ampsDepending on your engine and Part# on the alternator, you should be able to tell, or else you can just read on the alternator itself and it'll tell you. If you have any inquiries about parts for your car, go to mtl-autoparts . com and ask them the question directly, they even have an online catalog, parts are cheap, and shipping is free. They have an online chat LIVE, with technicians (not like the ones in India, they actually know what they're talking about). I had a problem with my BMW M3 2001 and I just called them up and they helped me find the right part the first time and referred me a mechanic. I was very happy with their service, even if they don't have the part or won't make any money off of you, they're always glad to help.www . mtl-autoparts . com, the best parts people online.
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